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Clipped Beaks

by Cloud Rat

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Harpy 00:54
Life events; squeamish standards; panic and swirling; The love of your body against mine; I fail from all these reasons. Impairment. I watch my ghost outside, he's playing alone. Over time I look at you, And it's still a reminder of what I don't want.
Drain Pipe 01:31
Have all the rapture! Salivating as you humanize weapons, Calling out the dogs of a nuclear priesthood. In your fumbling dance, your breath is steaming. Fangs upward, over the lip. Competition of manhood; abstraction, Some ordinary distraction. Black ants in bed & stainless steel teeth, They line you up like the best cinema seats. Under a sky, in a book, Like earthquakes crawling.
Papusza 01:56
I've told you time and again, The stretching rigid pavement hums, Cars broken down. Shallow pit that the horse digs. The virus still exists, a gift the rat gave me. Small box, unwanted, and forced open. Isolated, you keep me alive. Inconsolable rag doll, deaf and dumb. I'll give myself once you leave me, On the poppy tablecloth, knot in my womb, The blood enters the water and it wanders. I watch it wander.
From the day that you were born You've been swimming around in a pool of your own, Swimming and watching the world pass by On the other side of the glass Why worry of what goes on? You'll get your fish-food anyway. You just swim back and forth, But are you going anywhere? The day you die, they'll take you up With a green plastic net. And you'll look as you've always done... Dead.
Handprints 00:41
Long car screeches "Hello." Confused and washed, hogtied, You forget to give me air. The veins are a one path maze. Virgin Mary crawls out of the frame, Pulls herself across the floor to my feet, The shrine she weeps on. Feminine nature you worship but distort. Don't shave me.
Face to face, silence coming close. Angels press on us, spreading ruin. Leafless tree stricken with frost. The only exit is across, Wretched religion, fighting dogs, Laying in a pool of maroon blood. Crooked necked enemies of god, Preserved eyes that sting follow him. Is he the one you want?
Hollow Bones 01:54
Take me away from the fist, Take me away from the breast, Cutting out parts of my hair, Laughing with these friends, Letting it stew. Young pulsating heart, My memories see the farm light. Plastic sunflowers, dusty now. I open the door, Red light melts onto the floor. Stagger in from the dark to finally hit the light. Insects cover fluorescent Static shocking me Splitting sounds. "Lulu, help me."
The Fool 01:36
How have you fallen? You masquerade around, How you just tip-toe. You're a fool upside-down. I see your captives, They bear your scars. Free labor? Expensive territory. Justice over your shoulder, Gutting you from your teeth, To your spleen, and down.
Dull Bulb 01:00
Fly trap open. Your mouth is a gaping wound. Septic; you choke on the garbage that you spew. This is a desperate time, and your rotten brain can't control its cancer valves. But I have lilies sit on my table. I cover my home in flowers, So I don't need the windows. Detroit: you've finally won. I've locked myself inside you.
Eraser 02:31
I'm on some steep sloped tube. Running in and out of my nose, Our love is the comforting tool with which I've used to enslave you. I've noticed the amount of medication has grown... Never took them before. Bad reaction. Was afraid for you. Boot heels drive into the fertile land, Wet from rain. Wet soil smell. Morning sickness. Nausea. I'm scared, I've fallen. I'll catch myself on a steep angle, Coming in fast, like a flash of light. I draw your name on my arm and touch it at night.
Canary 02:06
A new face. Someone I know, but look at differently. What's right? I still cum when called. Held against a crashing wave. Sea salt; tip-toe around. A new smell. Will I ever get used to it? A new face in my sleep. Three stones on a porcelain plate: Two for you, one for me. Manipulating a canary's tune. Beautiful; you float across the floor. Am I tricking myself? Or is the winner really gone? I can hear you breaking in. Take whatever you want.
Them Bones 02:12
I believe them bones are me. Some say we're born into the grave. I feel so alone, gonna end up a big ol' pile of them bones. Dust rise right on over my time. Empty fossil of the new scene. I feel so alone, gonna end up a big ol' pile of them bones. Toll due, bad dream come true. I lie dead, gone, under the red sky. I feel so alone, gonna end up a big ol' pile of them bones.
...Neptune's mouth; The tentacle shows through the fabric now. “Beautiful humans,” He tells me. “This is where to grow them." He shows me a small game, We use spears to impale them. Tunnels and caverns; I live and inhabit. Consciousness... An intelligence that calls itself “Unity.” An underground nervous system. I become unmoved while I absorb sunlight. You enact total war on creativity. Tunnels and caverns; I live to inhabit. All sins ignored; To enact my cells. There are others around me... “Listen to me girl! Your origin is unknown. Your waste in a thousand burning seas. Filth and desperation corrode your crevasses. Seek nothing into the dream affairs. Your ancestors were a plague.” Wide open like a mouth, Guided with nothing now. At the mountains of madness, My overlord has left me alone And only I know what pain is. Fluttering down on broad cheeks, The planet’s winds whip against me. Luminescent flashing, Mother burning underneath the ground. Or what I smell... What is this? Crashing life field, A passage. Am I the first visitor? Neptune's mouth; The tentacle shows through the fabric now...


Recorded/Mixed/Mastered 2016-2017 by JC Griffin at Lakebottom Recording House in Toledo, OH -
Cover art by Renata Rojo -
Tracks 1 - 4 from split 7" with CREVASSE -
Released 2017 by Halo of Flies Records and Contraszt! Records
Artwork by Volodea Biri -
Track 4 originally by Electric Deads.
Tracks 5 - 8 from split 7" with TEST -
Released 2018 by Moment of Collapse Records, Dead Tank Records, 255 Records, Laja Records
Artwork by Renata Rojo
Tracks 9 - 11 from split 7" with DRUGS OF FAITH -
Released 2016 by Selfmadegod Records.
From the Qliphoth recording sessions
Artwork by Brian Uhl -
Track 12 originally by Alice In Chains, Qliphoth recording sessions. Only ever released physically on a CD discography compilation 2016 by Dead Tank Records.
Track 13 from split LP with DISROTTED -
Released 2017 by Halo Of Flies Records and Dry Cough Records
Artwork by Ryan Brady -
Additional vocals by David Sams
Spoken word in intro by Lindsay Styles
Cloud Rat is Brandon/Drums, Madison/Vocals, & Rorik/Guitars, except tracks 9-12, where Adrian was on drums and Brandon was on electronics.
Commit To The Void


released October 11, 2018


all rights reserved



Cloud Rat Michigan

Grindpunk band from Michigan. Hit us up at

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