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by Cloud Rat

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Nativity trio, plastic orchids Primary colors blink, hum in and out Stagnate spinning around. Angel voices, no curtains now I swear I hear angel voices on the couch Please seizures foaming jester jaw Possession, plugged in palm lines Ornaments. Pink glass rounding reflection. Body kissing TV spirits hovering over me Like cracking eggs. Licking the oil off my body Tar bedtime, positive discipline Let’s stitch ourselves together
Tell me tell me tell me To plot. To take another drink Plastic straw packaging hovering across the ground Hives again, back pain Gold flaking, painting my appendages again Wait for it. It will be short term Headache starburst striking pains I don’t report lying. Tell me what was prescribed? All the orange canisters lined up In wonderland trying to find medicine You don’t know which one is which Candles flickering around a flopping fish I lay on the floor. I can’t breathe Stress pixies get me
I can be in many places Gather of treasures Why don’t you turn and face me? Pool of slumber water Lily pads. Sixteen swans peck at the ripples Headless demon. The next cycle A cosmic dress. I’m sleeping on the universe Total annihilation Cutting at the neck Blood essence. Order in the world now Possessions A bow tied around the hair you let me cut (Delusions) Black out (Arrogance) Black out (Delusions) Watercolor (Arrogance) Blue Skin
Cusp 02:10
Cooks playground, ripped streamers Bricks laying stacked, corroded skate shoes Shoelace belt kicking Catholic statues You and I under the rice paper lantern Middle-aged man handing out tangerine bibles Terrorized, twisting Needing to lay like an animal on hay Be my bed be my bed be my bed Unexpected, it slashes the dirt 1950’s sweater Dripping fluids, utter the word Nourished, permeate, it dwells within You locked your bike to mine You walked me home from school I never got my clothes back from the police
12-22-09 02:48
We look around separately Video lights I feel as if time has sped up on purpose Starting right here. Spells of cold stone I want to build our house Clever warfare, you and me Kin Good posture breaking my spine A new high, standing unarmed My blood runs on your rocks Long love climbing to blossom in the thaw There’s nothing I can do Let me give my brain a bath A name means nothing Virgo structure, quiet eyes Our group divides into several parts I’m an avalanche hopelessly singing
Spider veins are showing up As our grandparents die Spinning on a carousel While a mask cries Sanity is meaningless Sliced cellulite Keepsakes that I love But do they have meaning? Property owning life Storyteller I’m scared to call the doctor
Shepherd 01:24
Untethered singing cage songs Pathos grow up and out of me I can write Bleeding, bleeding Rogue phenomenon Transmission inside of me Physically leading the flock Seduced by Jupiter, tone and spirit Spit near death, spit liquid Painstakingly paranormal Sexual halo golden Thrown to the ground She’s a six-petaled flower Can you see what I see?
Five trees cut in half, tumble away crying sap Enlightened void circled in rings, no other truth Chrysanthemum collecting Destroyed destroyed destroyed Blue light glass. I wish I could break into my face Caught up, loosen up, come on. Too tight to talk Tough collar always washing Get up, lay down, no matter the death, You stand the same It was always you. It wouldn’t be me I dance to rehearse my mortality Pick and poke. Gossip. True pain Patio brick, wind blows the chairs Where is the snow? Dip my toes. Splinter dock. Let’s be in my brain On the lake
Persocom 01:42
Homecoming king. What does she taste like? A mold. Cosplay Princess. Laying alone. Mommy fleece Pleasure panic wheeled down Brain still functioning. She doesn’t speak He yells “I haven’t given her a voice” A knife laying side by side. Bendable Rejection. Reject. Pathetic. Come on lovebird Hanging in the dark devoid of empathy Mining the soul of femininity Replace the vessel. Soulless putrescence Keep it clean. The thick plastic, faux flesh Goodwill dress Sequin disco light. Gun to temple “I’ll never get a date”
Wading in a shallow bathtub. Scrunched legs Black mold my landlord never fixes Head underwater. Safe at last Epsom salt itches. My eyes concaving. To letting go The dip soft spot, twisting into myself Thigh light heart. Closed not open A door built at my core Harlequin mirror. A pit engulfed in flames Seeing someone I don’t recognize How much more of this can I take? The secret place. Ultraviolet. Come closer ascent I want to be lost but I’m so connected Canine hair, camouflaged sheet Trying to sleep. Trying always to sleep Macy’s nails touch my rose-scented skin Mermaid thrust I capture the ocean in a cherub-painted cup I’m awake. I’m always awake
Kaleidoscope 01:58
The crowd. The impact. The car tumbling into the wall Faintly she heard them coming. Spinning wheels movement Where had they been before? Black alley, a high-tension tower Feathery touch. Frozen expressions Of red and purple half-down eyelids I want to know my fortune Breathing heavy, fluttering in the breeze Hell is overflowing I’ve caught a shooting star “Mycale, gift me the moon.” The spirit will answer you “I cannot grant your request because they abandoned the sense of choice”
Ribbon Boot 01:46
You found four leaves Collected everything. Gem stamped Snow outside the building Finally falling. Finally it’s here Summoning weapons. Freefalling from the air Closed off excellent “They are gorgeous and funny” Spinning on a rotating plant Show him the sign, ripping the shirt Trapped here forever A secret duet. A song only the birds know Is it homicidal? Is it violent? How will you ever know if you don’t let it out? Clovers picked and kept in plastic Chilling isolation. If only we could meet I can pick up the tiniest sounds
Corset 01:46
Midnight blue It's time to let me float away Crushed concaving in Like a child’s hand pushing through sand Running from my own life It's calling now. It’s time to go Reveling at the altar. Worship Tools in a box. Knees to wood Watching red hair drape over the side Arched back, judged perfection Fools standing in a line Taking blood and oxygen to the brain Sip lilies, wings expand Butterfly exhibit // Alkaline hydrolysis
Ursitory 02:17
Underwater less than an hour Avoiding eye contact White pumpkin Mastercard A manicured hand tap I didn’t give permission. Generations of circles Hot to the touch. Completely engulfed I need you. You can’t leave I’ve gotta quit this job Braided hair trinity Blonde to brunette back to red again Taking pills of placenta A baby handed to me Which one is momma You don’t work for free
Babahaz 03:00
It's hot in this new place My lips drip and swell A little light. A little window Drawing the shades. Paint-chipped clasp I can feel something watching me Feline or a head monster Burlap zipper. My favorite Nightbreed The moon shades him in a hollow tree This cold place. Hearing twigs crack Heaven again coming to me Nightmare cloud which I caress Alone in my own bed Bricks fall and clank Apocalyptic windchime Violet walls become taller and grow as I slip “This poison garden has me forever” How much time do we have? Swinging crystal, show me where the trouble is The clock resets


Recorded/Mixed/Produced by Cloud Rat at The Overlook basement.
Mastered by Harris Newman at Grey Market Mastering -
Cover art by Jacob van Loon -
New CR logo and Threshold title design by Brian Uhl -


released October 7, 2022

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Cloud Rat Michigan

Grindpunk band from Michigan. Hit us up at

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