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Silk Panic

by Cloud Rat

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Gremlin Monroe
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Gremlin Monroe Evolution ongoing, more complex and yet intelligible Favorite track: Nago.
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_bongwater_ NoMich grindpunk. Fuck yeah
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Ondesmartenot If I ruled the world I would replace all the crappy Offspring songs (still being played on commercial radio) with Cloud Rat and the world would be a better place Favorite track: Sueno.
Mike Swag
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Mike Swag Not yet familiar with the cathartic din that is Cloud Rat? Taste this and then you'll have no choice but to buy the rest!

Glass is shattering across the world tonight / Everyone, masks on / Tear gas rains from the sky / In a paddle boat on an eerie plane, / I catch my last fish. Favorite track: Baby Sling Balloon Born.
Darknight thumbnail
Darknight Only Cloud Rat can make this kind of exciting music that rips right into the sense of grindcore, hardcore, metal and crust punk. STUNNING! Favorite track: Perdiak.
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Wish Maid 03:49
Tusk, is that you? What made this monster inside? Look around the room, in a spinning chair. That's why you've found your way to me. The snow strange candle dipped into flesh; Once you give it away, you have to steal it back. All I had... You were all I had. O' Sun, forgive me please, Forever in darkness, we can finally go to sleep. How can I experience gentleness in the world shaped around me? Ssshhh... Dwindle; lay down and let the weight creep: Allow yourself to be crushed, Dance around with hands out, But hide your face, girl. "Smile big for me." Break his skin, on his knees, Do the most thinkable deed.
Nago 02:29
Inside lives an animal diseased with hate. My fingers turn discolored, Then the rotting aroma comes out of my mouth. Blinded by palms that whisper "Guess who it is..." An inchworm; a collision, I send an image: A human dies and I don't see it. I eat more food with maggots squirming in it. Evacuation. We cross the bridge. Which one of us will be first? Tell me, who's gonna win? I throw up once it hits my stomach.
Refraction 01:42
Push and pull, bend and break, Sunspots pulsing; tunnel vision collapse. I violently recoil and realize I'm still awake, Daylight recollections of lifetimes long past. And then comes the night... No moon and no stars, Just my world decaying behind mental bars. Visions of a spherical life, Distorting down into a single dimension: Permanent despair. Bitter solace in solitude.
Rosemary 01:10
I have made a little promise. It's the light, the shoulder blades too sharp to touch. I put on my best clothes and spin around and around, I draw his image in the dirt in my bed. Not far away, but too far to touch. To feel your final fever; To measure every gain and every loss; Reaping what you sow; so what? You will ride separate rails to the end.
There's a voice that lives inside my head, Shy from expression and interpretation, That gives me right to sink inside of nothing. Where I can be. Where I can be a vast migration. Forever, fleeting endorphins, stimulate the passing. It's leaving. I'm leaving. Thin membrane to scrape, For excess building blocks; for bleeding emotions; I could melt and be fine, Must breathe pine to feel alive. All efforts circumvent the coming call to death.
Immolation 02:18
I want to dissolve on the outskirts of the world, And I will tie the string to escape the other side. Crowds of people praying on the body, Using her as a host. A public, pregnant ceremony. Preyed on and eyed, You open the glass case of my gazing perfection. Abandon the elders and run for the road. I will light my body on fire before you get too close. They trace the lines on my face; Facing, I sit at the very edge of the bed. Look at yourself in the mirror, And try to remember who you really are. Orbital puffiness; honey bee pollen; I put my face on. I put my face back on.
November 03:16
Crush the apple with your teeth, measuring time. I circle the devil's forehead, Spinning a thread above your head. Standing tall, interpret the cards: Remember the family driving the car, Stumble and lose track, three cats to call. Nobody can find you, The winter's finally here to console. I don't need your hand. I need your heart. I'm lost without you. She brushes the beach and turns, foam rolling, Envying death. I withdraw, without a burden or ache.
Sueno 02:00
Confidence inside a marble eye. Scales wrap the rope around your legs to drag you out, Under the watershed, end of the road work. They balance on a plank, arms to keep from swaying. Demons in the sky, rats under the soil. Put the exhaust in the ground to smoke the reptile out. Third Reich grave dancer will be lit on fire once and for all. No hidden place for you to conduct ignorance. A beautiful place doesn't exist in plain sight, But seedlings tended by Ra will conquer. I know what it's like to see a snake in greens, But I don't know the pain of hiding, To avoid getting bitten by any means.
Perdiak 01:44
Swoon like a net swaying in the air, Slip-sliding down a hole. Knots in our hair, brush me harder. Things I think I forget: top bunk spying down, You're a pomegranate, you're sweet, You race over fresh water. Can I blot you out like ink on paper? Will I always follow you around? I catch the fly in my palm, Cold starts to burn, dropping it down. Can't learn, can't learn, I can't learn; Clothes line suicide.
Clench 00:59
Michigan basement blues, Maudy can't control her tone. Sleep inside a tomb. Baby monitor; Drekavac answers. Touching husband directs the parade of degradation. From beyond the edge, Velcrow farmlight, hind legs high. The parents. Those neglectful dogs, only in night. We paint her nails so she can forget about the bed sores. '65, '89, '90, '01.
Paint drawing, skipping around, Barrettes and rubber bands, Protection at all costs. A bumbling, two different fates, Brown hair, blue eyes. I hum Magyar to get to sleep. Your caw of life is a nightmare. You don't know what it means. The simplicity of it all takes pure form, Terrified to hold you when it only means We're going to have to run. What is he? What is she? Rip the talking box out. Sister wolf eats the throat of the jester, Here to fucking perform.
Spun like strings on a guitar, Tighten my arms around you. A distance I can see from the middle room, You in the corner under the lamp, Waiting, what you do best to suck the blood from time. First drink of wine, pretend to nap, A ghost in the ceiling. Apply the makeup to be together. Walks across the sand, Polish script passes out eyes. Pain across an ocean, watching storms. Frustrated forehead hits a teleprompter. Sleigh bells tied to sticks to awaken a love and a charm. A little light, a little light.
Pit 03:03
Glass is shattering across the world tonight. Everyone, masks on. Tear gas rains from the sky. In a paddle boat on an eerie plane, I catch my last fish. The lunatic screams from under the water. Just float gently over, cold broad shoulder. A tad bit of water enters the lungs, "Gunna getchu! Can't hear you!" Before you sink a calm glossy eye, We peer down at a purple vein face. Screens capture the life that was almost saved, But this is just a clip show now, no hard feelings. Mind hugged by bats hanging in an abandond cave. Your life is still here because its on a page.
Amber Flush 04:38
We can make peace with it, That is what sanctuary is. Proof of concept, I need you not to scream. Why are you here? Baby pink walls, velvet sheen, Spines and thorns are the trim around a sinking soul. Husk boy, false eyelashes, I don their skin for more than just warmth. I know myself better than you could have ever thought. I am the bouquet, drink from my hip. I won't open boxes that I'm told not to.


Recorded/Mixed/Mastered 2016-2017 by JC Griffin at Lakebottom Recording House in Toledo, OH -
Cover art by Renata Rojo -
Tracks 1 - 7 from split LP with THE WORLD IS A VAMPIRE -
Released 2018 via IFB Records and Feast Of Tentacles Records
Art by Bryan Funck -
Track 5 lyrics and additional vox by David Sams
Track 1 Keys by Lindsay Styles. Moog also by Lindsay.
Additional guitar noise by Patrick Meyers.
Tracks 8 - 14 from split LP with MOLOCH -
Released 2017 via Halo Of Flies Records and Feast of Tentacles Records
Artwork by Patrick Milsom -
Track 14 production by Brandon
Cloud Rat is Brandon/Drums, Madison/Vocals, & Rorik/Guitars
Condemn willful ignorance. Celebrate knowledge and communication.


released October 11, 2018


all rights reserved



Cloud Rat Michigan

Grindpunk band from Michigan. Hit us up at

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